The Comics MaxPack

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  • Compatible with: Illustration
  • File Size:3.23 MB
  • File Format: Brush


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The Comics MaxPack


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Enjoy 75 comics-focused brushes designed to give your illustrations energy and character. They’re perfect for creators of sharp web comics, grungy graphic novels, stylish editorial illustrations, elegant calligraphy, and anyone who needs subtle, rich linework. Highlights include the Sable Inkers, premium ink brushes with subtle texture perfect for the most sensitive linework. The Toothy Inkers are bold and gritty, with tilt action giving you a rough halftone just where you need it without having to switch brushes. If it’s precision you’re looking for, the Fountain Pens and Tech Pens have you covered. The Leaky Inker and Blobby Pen are perfect for retro mid-century pieces and cartoon modern flair. For calligraphers and adventurous illustrators, the Parallel Pens create dynamic thick and thin marks and realistic drying effects with tilt..


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