Procreate Lightning Brushes

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Compatible with: Procreate
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Procreate Lightning Brushes


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Procreate Lightning Brushes

This brush is made from a combination of real lightning images. Made with care and has good image quality. This brush has many shapes in every stroke. will look more real if you use a black background.

This Brush Can be used to create backgrounds, for design needs, illustrations, social media assets, posters, book or movie cover designs, and others.

These brushes are for the iOS APP Procreate. These brushes DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP or other Applications. Already can be used on Procreate 5.2 and also earlier versions.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

ENJOY with the Brush!

1 review for Procreate Lightning Brushes

  1. iNViCTa

    Amazing brush! I really love them. I definitely recommend this brush set

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