Chalk Letterer Box for Procreate

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Created: Nov 08, 2016
Compatible with: Procreate
File Type: BRUSH, JPG
File Size: 34.98 MB
DPI: 300


chalk letterer box for procreate brushespack
Chalk Letterer Box for Procreate


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I always wanted to learn chalk lettering. I love browsing Pinterest and honestly, I am a little bit jealous of such great artwork chalk letterers make.

It takes hours and hours of toil to finish such masterpiece. A lot of dust everywhere, dirty hands and no Undo button. Well, it’s not for everyone, I guess.

But today, I am really proud to present you Chalk letterer box for Procreate!

I worked really hard since a day I have bought my new Ipad Pro. I am totally in love with Procreate. It’s definitely great app and with Apple Pencil it takes my workflow to mind blowing levels.

Finally, I got second chance to learn (not only) chalk lettering.

Well, I started browsing for some chalk brushes. I found some good, but as brushes enthusiast I saw a way how to make it better and more natural looking.

In last week, I have drawn letters the most of my day. Making little improvements step by step. Testing of brushes took hours. I was tuning every detail.

Finally, I made 27 chalk brushes for lettering and drawing.

What you will get:

26 HIGH QUALITY lettering/drawing brushes
1 amazing soft texture chalk brush
all are pressure sensitive, so you have total control over a width of your strokes
Cheatsheet with all brushes applied

What will you need:

Apple Pencil
Procreate App – version 4 and above IT DOESN’T WORK WITH ADOBE PHOTHOSHOP

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