Art Brushes for Procreate


– Ipad with stylus
– Procreate 4.2 and above
– Brushes won’t work with Adobe Photoshop


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Art Brushes for Procreate


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Art Brushes for Procreate contains 21 professional brushes that helps you imitate real painting techniques digitally!

You can choose from great variety of brushes. There are absolutely fantastic dry oil and gouache brushes for light textures. Or you can paint with real looking wet oil brushes. They behaves so naturally!

There are brushes imitating Alla prima oil painting technique. It’s a way of painting where the paint is still wet and you can easily mix it on canvas with nearby colours. This wet-on-wet technique is great for making digital paintings with multi-tonal strokes!

I made more oil brushes with different textures – you can choose from glossy oils, thick pasty ones or brushes with gritty oil cracks.

In Art Brushes collection, there are various gouache brushes too. They contain awesome textures – so it looks as you are painting on paper. With big soft watercolor brush you can paint bigger space or add cloudy texture to your illustrations.

What will you get:

– 21 brushes for Procreate – oils, gouaches, acrylic
– Quick cheatsheet wit all brush strokes
-Get this great brush collection now!

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