The Messy Paint Box Brushes for Procreate

Product Specs

  • Created: Nov 15, 2022
  • Compatible with: Procreate
  • File Size:1.50 GB


the messy paint box brushes for procreate
The Messy Paint Box Brushes for Procreate


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Embrace imperfection with The Messy Paintbox for Procreate. A brush set celebrating painterly expression and artistic freedom!

A wonderfully painterly collection of digital brushes meticulously crafted to give you an authentic real-paint feel.

Designed to encourage creative freedom

This set includes a variety of mediums, from chalky gouaches, gloopy dry brushes, layering brushes, background brushes and everything in between!

Create quick sketchy pieces oozing with personality or lovely finished pieces reflecting each paint stroke made with love.

With 45 brushes and stamps and 4 premium paint-enhancing canvases, you’ll love spending hours painting without the mess and fuss of cleaning up!


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