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  • Created: Nov 15, 2022
  • Compatible with: Procreate
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's procreate pencil brushes
Procreate Pencil Brushes


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This Procreate brush pack contains the 4 brushes I use for all my drawings in procreate and an additional 10 pencil-like brushes that you might like, making it a total of 14 brushes! The goal of this pack is to give you a few brush options so that you can find one or two that feels comfortable and suits your style 🙂

Since I got my first iPad in 2016 I’ve been struggling to find pencil-like brushes that actually looked good and felt comfortable to use. That’s why I customised my first pencil and sketch brush that you can find for free here: However, those two are a little outdated now since my style and preferences has changed (and the app and iPad changed as well) so I decided to make a bunch new brushes so that I could switch from a computer to only using my new iPad for all my art and comic work. My go to is the Charcoal HB which is a lookalike to my favourite brush in Krita (a drawing program not available on iPad)!

Included in the download is a 10min video of me going through the brushes, 3 example procreate videos with artwork where I used these brushes and a screenshot of my pressure sensitivity settings (to avoid hand strain and injury). This pack has a total of 11 pencil brushes, 2 gradient brushes and 1 colour block brush.

I currently use an iPad Pro 4th gen, Apple Pencil gen 2 and Procreate 5+ . I’ve tested the pack with my 2016 1st gen iPad Pro and Apple Pencil gen 1, and it appears to feel and work the same, if this is not the case for you and you receive and error please do contact me. Also if you have any issues with the pencils do contact me via: [email protected] or send me a DM on Instagram telling me you bought the brush pack 🙂

Thank you so much for your support!

If you do use my brushes and post on Instagram please tag #dinasbrushes I would love to see what you will create! 🙂

Social media: @dinanorlund on Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Twitch/Webtoon


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