Procreate Grain Brushes by Jenteva Art

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Compatible with: Procreate
File Size: 48.3 MB


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Procreate Grain Brushes by Jenteva Art


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Procreate Grain Brushes

Brushes are created using textures and strokes in high resolution. They are perfect for drawing any illustrations, especially children’s books. The brushes are easy to use and carefully selected for this set. Watch the video below to see how these brushes work

You will get

  • 27 procreate brushes (JA_Grain_BrushPack.brushset)
  • Readme.pdf file Bonus

Brushes in actions:

Make sure your iOS is updated and you have the latest version of Procreate App – Procreate 5 and higher. It’s very important, because some of the brushes were made with the technology available in Procreate5.

Happy creating! 🙂


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