Flaptraps Art Brushes 1.0

Product Specs

  • Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
  • File Size:1.04 GB
  • File Types Provided: Brushes, ABR


flaptraps art brushes 1.0 brushes pack 104627
Flaptraps Art Brushes 1.0


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46 of my own custom-made ABR brushes MADE FOR PHOTOSHOP.

Added 42 of my made for Procreate Brushes I use everyday on my iPad that I tried to get to mimic my Photoshop brush set.

1-hour real-time tutorial video going over theory and thought process as I create a brush.

I walk through each brush and how I like to use them and why, including a few pro secrets that you will not find in the ABR brush file its self, so I strongly recommend you watch the short tutorial to learn a few new tricks!

This is NOT a drawing tutorial, however, I have included my full video of the sketch I start and take to finish so you can continue to see how I use the brushes and setting in Photoshop.

Please let me know what you think and any suggestions!

Thank you and happy sketching!


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