Yummy Shaders for Procreate

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Compatible with: Procreate
File Size: 60.7 MB


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Yummy Shaders for Procreate


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Yummy Shaders for Procreate

You can use them for making shades or texturing all areas.

With these powerful tools you can make awesome shades and gradients easily. All brushes are pressure sensitive, so you have great control over texturing.

With a little effort, you can get nice analog look to your illustrations. All brushes are based on high quality seamless, hand-made textures and organic shapes.

You can choose from great variety of materials – from smooth looking airbrushes, organic paper textures to rough gritty ones.

Are you lettering artist? Just use these brushes to add depth to your letterings. It’s really easy to make astonishing 3D type with these shading brushes.

What you will get:

  • 20 brushes for Procreate


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