Storybook Photoshop Brushes

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Storybook Photoshop Brushes


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When it comes to nighttime routines, I usually read a storybook to my daughter before she goes to sleep. Some of the oldest books in our collection have these lovely, messy and gritty textures in all of their illustrations. I usually get distracted by the designs when I should be reading–which my daughter always reminds me. I’ve tried to capture the spirit of these illustrations in Storybook.

This brush set has tons of variety for every designer: grain shaders, messy markers, shapers and liner brushes.

These brushes aren’t just kids’ stuff though. The markers give you a bunch of textures to play with to make something truly special and unique. The set of liners are silky smooth, with enough of a distressed edge to give you a wonderful hand-drawn look. You’ll also get some of the dreamiest grains you can find, all in one set.

So, what stories will you tell?

Files included:

ABR file
Installation instructions
System Requirements

Software: Photoshop CC, Photoshop (iOS), Fresco (iOS) (While these brushes can be installed in Procreate 5+ and Affinity Designer, they are not optimized for the applications.)
Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher
Memory: 16gb RAM or higher


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